I Loved This

I wouldn’t normally watch something like this but a friend sent it my way so I did.

FYI No nudity but you might want to turn the volume down.

Why I loved This Orgasm Clip

I loved this clip because it highlights and validates the concept that

just because two people participate  in the same thing,

does not mean that they will experience the same thing.

For example

When you tell your partner that you don’t like something he’s doing but he he still does it and he says to you …I can’t believe that you don’t like that, my ex used to love it and I did that to her all the time!

If you struggle when it comes to having an orgasm during penetration and he’s upset that you can’t orgasm vaginally with him. Now I appreciate why he might be upset but what doesn’t go down so well is when he says “Why can’t you orgasm during penetration when you’re with me. I’ve never had any trouble getting any of my other girlfriends to orgasm.”


Just because his moves worked for one or even if his moves worked for many, does not mean they will work for you.


You shouldn’t feel bad that they don’t work for you. Don’t compare yourself to any of them. You don’t need to question what’s wrong with you and you shouldn’t let his past experiences set the standard or be the benchmark that you need to reach.


Your only aim is to explore your body together, learning what does and doesn’t work for you.


Don’t get me wrong, I get that he may be disappointed that you’re not responding as he desires,  after all he’s aiming to pleasure you and it’s important that  we appreciate that but that don’t change that fact that what he’s doing isn’t working for you.

Rather than get stuck on the what’s not working, learn from that and refocus your energy and attention on exploring what does. has

The only issue I have is if he is saying this to make you feel bad for not responding with orgasmic abundance.

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